Wireless Keyboards With Touchpads

Many of us use wireless keyboards to give us more space to work and help to get rid of the many chords that are tying us down. These chords can be such a hassle for us and can get in our way. But by removing them we are cleaning our workspace and providing more room for us to move.

A very popular type of these is the wireless keyboards with touchpads. These touchpads are the mouse. Instead of using a wireless mouse you can have one that is built directly into the keyboard. Although it is a little it to get used to many people feel that this makes it easier for them to do what they need to do. It helps to keep all the buttons close to them and keeps them from having to reach for the mouse.

These types of keyboards are very common and can cost anywhere from $60 to $500. This price will depend on the features that it has, the wireless capability that it is built with, and how it is shaped. For many of us we choose to use the ergonomic keyboards because they help us to work efficiently and to not strain our hands while type away at the computer for hours at a time.


It is important that when you purchase a product such as this you understand all of the features that most will come with. For many of us these features may be unnecessary or they might be exactly what we want. Below are a list of many of the features that these particular wireless keyboards will have.

  • 2.4GHz wireless radio frequency technology
  • Sleep mode and on/off switch quick connect buttons
  • Scroll slider
  • Ten shortcut keys
  • Media buttons
  • Quiet keybaord
  • Batterty indicator