Long Range Wireless Keyboard

Technology is used in almost every type of job that you want to go in. People who are in business will use it to keep track of their record transaction, clients, and even use it during their meetings. It is possible to purchase a long range wireless keyboard to help make your next power point presentation simpler and easier to control.

These keyboards are given a very sleek and thin design to make them easy to transport and to keep in places that you would usually not find a keyboard. In most cases the lng range wireless keyboards are used to help those who are trying to present their ideas or thoughts during a large meeting. However, it can also be used for your home media PC when it is connected to your home television.

We have provided a list of the essential features that you should look in these types of wireless keyboards. All of these features will offer you a product that is easy for you to use, install, and make your next presentation a success. They usually cost between $30 to $80.


  • You will want to have one that is equipped with 2.4G RF or with 2.4 Ghz bandwidth Bluetooth technology. This allows you to be 33 feet away from the computer or entertainment computer.
  • It should come with an optical mouse (preferably with 800 dpi high resolution). This will give you exact movement and has the ability to be used on almost any type of surface.
  • The keyboard should be thin and portable so you are able to easily bring it with you.
  • Multimedia features and entertainment abilities built onto the keyboard.
  • Quick buttons will give you the ability to access separate programs to help with your presentation.
  • With programmable function keys you will be able to make it easier for you to surf the web at your speed.