Key Features To Have On Wireless Keyboards

One of the main reasons that we purchase wireless keyboards is the ability to use them without having cords in our way. It used to be that the only way we could use the keyboard was when it was connected to the computer through a special cord. This cord often got in our way and become mixed up with all the other billion cords we had to use to connect everything together.

But now thanks to modern technology wireless is the new thing and it allows us to use these keyboards with nothing holding it there but an unseen connection. This is obviously the best feature that it has – but it is not the only one. Below we have made a list of the key features that your next wireless keyboard should have and what makes them great.

Wireless Keyboard Features

Media Quick Buttons – These buttons are usually located across the top of the keyboard or to the right clustered together. They allow you to control the playback options of the music that you are listening to as well as the volume. It is quick and saves you from having to go into the music program.

On/Off Buttons – These are another set of quick buttons situated on your computer that allow you to turn your computer on and off without having to go into your start menu.

Bluetooth Technology – Bluetooth is the best wireless technology that you are able to use. It is quick to install and will give you more range allowing you to sit farther away from your computer without breaking a connection.

Ergonomic – Most of us will be using these keyboards five times a week. During that time we are most likely typing in a way that is causing unnecessary stress on our wrists. With an ergonomic keyboard this stress will be alleviated and the risk of carpel tunnel will be avoided.

Touchpad – The touchpad is basically a built in mouse. It allows you to do away with the conventional mouse and have everything you need right in front of you. Many people believe it is much easier for them to use.