How To Install Wireless Keyboards

Many of us when we think about purchasing a wireless keyboard stop short of getting one because we feel that they are too complicated and difficult to install. This is a common misconception. They use such modern technology that it is hard for us to know and understand how it works.

However, installing a wireless keyboard for your desktop computer is a very simple process. Once you do you will be amazed at the space that it will save you and the clutter it will remove from behind your desk. Our simple instructions will help to step you through the process.


  • First you need to choose a wireless keyboard that you know will be compatible with the computer that you have. The best way to know is to look at the box of the wireless keyboard and check to see if your computer meets all of these requirements. If you don’t know anything about your computer then talk with a representative in the store and ask them.
  • Insert the necessary batteries needed for the wireless keyboard to turn on. When purchasing most of these products you will have to purchase the batteries separately.
  • Place the wireless receiver for the keyboard eight inches away from the computer screen and around six feet of your keyboard.
  • Place the driver CD that came with the keyboard into the CD-rom drive in your computer.
  • This CD will have the necessary instructions you need to install the software and to configure the keyboard.
  • Connect the wireless receiver up to the USB or PS/2 port that is set on the back of the computer.
  • After this the keyboard should be ready for you to use. If you have any problems contact the manufacturer.