Ergonomic Wireless Keyboards

Many of us will spend five days a week sitting in front of our computers typing out documents and briefs. This can put a strain on our eyes as well as our hands. In fact this is a common reason why many of us will have carpel tunnel syndrome. The way in which we are typing is putting a strain on our hands and pinching the nerve.

One of the best things you are able to do to prevent this from happening is to use an ergonomic wireless keyboard. These are designed with extra space at the bottom that is slightly padded to support our wrists and keep them level with our hands while we type. Most of these have designed the keyboard to be split in half and slightly curved so that they are easier for us to reach.

These special keyboards will cost you anywhere between $50 to $150 depending on how large you wish it to be and how comfortable you want it to be. Microsoft makes some of the best ergonomic wireless keyboards on the market and they design them will all of the features that we would want in a wireless keyboard.


Before you run out and purchase this product you need to consider all of the essential features that it needs to come with. The main reason you are getting it is to support your hands – but this doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have the right buttons that will make it useful to use for your business.

  • Quick connect buttons to the media player
  • Volume buttons
  • Scroll slider
  • On/off quick connect buttons
  • Shortcut keys